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Since its inception 1960, Mayflower is the leading total travel service specialist in Malaysia, catering to both individuals and corporate bodies with its diversified range of services.

With an extensive sales network globally serving 57 countries, supported by over 300 foreign and 500 local partners working closely with our dedicated sales team, Mayflower’s travel infrastructure is one of the most comprehensive in the travel industry.

As the top travel agency both within the region and across the globe, Mayflower has a long and proud history of pursuing excellence in providing services to travellers, whether they are individuals, families, companies or even the luxury jet-setters.

There is no denying that the experience is always what we remember long after a trip, and Mayflower is here to ensure that everyone enjoys their best possible moments and looks forward to stepping out again. Gone are the days when missed flights and pricing inconsistencies seemed synonymous with third-party travel agencies. With Mayflower, our commitment to both customer service and also work excellence has made us the foremost companion for all manners of travel, whether at home or abroad.

So settle in, find your next dream holiday and enjoy the ride with us. Because at Mayflower, it’s always about the journey AND the destination.

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